Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Hej Everyone,

Ready for another Weekly Photo Challenge? 🙂

This time the task was a silhouette. And it took me some time to get the photograph created. I could have easily searched my huge photo database and suck one or the other picture fitting the sujet, but that’s not why I participate in the challenge.
I enjoy it to challenge myself creating a new unique picture every week.
Now how did I come up with this set up? I was shooting some autumn pictures last week with our beautiful daughter in our little studio. Everything included, Leaves, pumpkin and dress 🙂
So one idea was to use 2 flash lights to overpower the ambient light in the room and create a harsh contrast. Unfortunately this was not enough and I was forced to pump the last bit out in LR. But I like the result. What about you?

OlléS-Foto from Struer Denmark

  1. Great photo’s I want to make one of me for my daughter and frame it for christmas.

    • ollesfoto says:

      Hej Jackie

      It’s not too difficult in getting a silhouette done. Try to get enough light behind the subject to blow out the background. Now you’ll only have to find the right angle and pose to get the photo interesting 🙂
      A SW program can help you later in post to crank the contrasts up and if you like to convert the hole image to B&W for more effect.
      Do you have already an idea for the silhouette?
      Would be cool to get to see some results 🙂


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