Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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This time the Weekly Photo Challenge is about “foreign”.

I must say this was a though one. At least I thought it is… How to describe foreign in a picture. I definitely could take hundreds of pictures here in DK about things which seem foreign or strange to me 🙂 but will those be foreign to you? Or are they still foreign to me?
As with so many things.. the best ideas came with me being in my “empty box”. For the once which don’t know what that means… I am a typical man and sometimes sitting or standing and thinking of nothing is what I can do well…. It’s like being in trance and not knowing what’s going on 🙂 My wife finally understood, that this is normal for a man 😀
Now being in this state of “nothing” did I see my bookshelf and all those dictionaries. What else is describing foreign more than the language? Food perhaps?

Oh as I was lazy and didn’t wanna search for my camera or move… so I took my iPhone and some photo apps for post-processing and posting on WordPress 😉 great isn’t it.

Have a nice day.

yours sincerely, mit freundlichen Grüssen, med venlig hilsen, cordialement, amitié, cordiali saluti, Cu stimă, le saluda atentamente, Med vänlig hälsning



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