Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Yeah I am a day late :-/ sorry sorry.

This ehm Last weeks Photo Challenge was “Renewal”
There are tons of things which could be used for renewal. What a coincident. This week was our “Renewal” of our hallway wall. We were talking about it for months. Almost half a year by now. Finally we made it. It took me some months to get the paint and then again almost 2 months to actually do the work. Believe me it was not much of work. But as it is… things get pushed aside. Especially a wall repaint.

What did we do and why did we wanna renew our wall. It was painted in a slight brown colour which should have hidden the dirt from daily use and our dog. Now this colour was not as great as we hoped and cleaning was more difficult than it should be. Basically, whenever we cleaned the wall with a wet cloth the colour was partly washed down. Now our first kid is slowly growing and by now 18months old. Perfect age of trying out many things and perhaps starting to be a little artist. At least daddy hopes so 😀
To support the artistic development we needed a big place to play and paint 🙂 Yes we chose to transform our hallway wall to a big Blackboard 🙂

And there we are. Our hallway wall got a “renewal” and shines now as a blackboard for our kid….. and the Parents which can’t help it but have to paint as well.


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