Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Halojsa again,

This weeks “Weekly Photo Challenge” is “Green”.
What comes in my mind when thinking of green is first the COLOUR. Great. Of course my first thought is Green. I am an artist. Love to paint, take pictures and consume all kind of visual art. No wonder I think of a colour 🙂
My next thought goes to nature, trees, leaves, grass, which leads to food and life.
And I can’t help it I think as well on Hippies and similar people. Don’t take me wrong I might be half a hippie myself. Depending on how you define it.
When I think further I think of the Green thinking changes of different companies and states, Green Foot Print etc. Everyone talks about saving the world. But are we really doing it?

Anyway this is not a political post 🙂 it’s about taking pictures.

I have taken all those pictures in Struer (Denmark) during one afternoon. Opened my eyes and shot everything which was green. Some pictures were taken with my iPhone and some with my Canon 7D.
As it has rained nearly every day for the last 2 months or more a lot of green stuff has popped out. Things like Moss or algea on fences, houses and stones. Grass and leaves or small plants where shot in the city and in our garden. When I finished outdoors I went inside and searched for different green products such as toothbrush, cleaning gloves, pen, fertiliser bottle or our dinosaur hat for kids 😉

And for the end …. I had to play with the complementary colour magenta and wrote GREEN on our blackboard.

Hope you like the selection as much as me.

Weekly Photo Challenge, Green

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