Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures Part 1.

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge

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Now here it is finally. My first Pictures for 2012.
This Blog post goes to our beautiful daugther Aviendha. She is be now a little bit older than 1.5 years and the changes she went through in the last year are amazing.
It was impossible for me to document those changes in only 12 pictures. That’s why you have much more to look at now.

– We started 2012 as an angel and then we went on discovering how to eat food, play with toys, walk in a car, with help of a pinguin and finally with 13 months alone. It only took 2-3 days for her to run around. Shortly after she found out how to climb sofas or even our higher bed. Before she goes to bed she needs her milk and a lot of time Mommy or Daddy needs to sit down and read a story. While she was only a few months old we couldn’t get here into the water. Now…. we won’t get her out again. If she could she would be in the bathtub everyday. Another new an exiting thing are animals…. oh she can look at them for hours but she is carefull when they get too close to her. Not our dog. He is an annoyance and takes our attention from her 🙂 X-mas was very interesting last year. We went to see grandma, grandpa and the grandgrandparents in Romania. First X-mas where she somewhat realised what’s going on. And all the snow. Too much fun. Only the playground could top that. Daddy needed to jump into the balls with here and hide.

With that I let you go on in your daily business and enjoy the days to come.

Soon I will post part 2 with pictures from what we’ve done and where we’ve been.

Cheers OlléS-Foto


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