Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Beyond the horizon

Beyond the horizon

And another Post inspired by the weekly photo challenge.

It seems that I am picking out the themes which I like 🙂 So far am I behind by two weeks. But my goal is to shoot a new and fresh picture every week rather than skimming my Lightroom catalogue and picking the best fit. That wouldn’t be a challenge and would not drive me to become better. 🙂
Besides it makes fun trying to create or anticipate the right shot fitting the theme.
Now to the Photograph I took here. It was last weekend on the way home from my Photoclass (KeyPointPhotography) which is held in Ejby on Fyn. Oh and that would be an big Island in Denmark 🙂
Now I live in Struer which is about 3hrs by train. And I do prefer to take the train instead of a car because I can use the time reading, working on pictures or do other fun stuff.
As you can see I also take pictures 🙂
This beautiful sunset presented to me when I had to change trains in Fredericia. It was an amazing inspiring moment which I tried to capture to my best.
I actually had to force myself to pick up my camera as I started to drift of thinking of the things “Beyond” the horizon. Beyond the rail tracks. The open world with all the wonders, beauties and little adventures. I don’t remember exactly but I might have had a romantic Indiana Jones moment 🙂
Who wouldn’t want to go for one of those adventures “beyond” our imagination.

With that I wanna let you go and dwell in your imaginations. And don’t wake up too soon. Enjoy the moment.

Beyond the horizon Traveling

Beyond the horizon Traveling


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