Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Camera-Oldies-047 Camera-Oldies-050 Camera-Oldies-052 Camera-Oldies-058 Camera-Oldies-064 Camera-Oldies-071Hello Everyone,

After 3 Weeks of a break from the Weekley Photo Challenge am I back to Post some photos for you.
I had a picture in my mind for this one but it simply didn’t not work out :-/ so I found those pictures I took around 2 weeks ago.
And those photographs are very fitting to the subject “Lost in the Details” as I really got lost in the details. In finding all these little buttons, switches and hinches. Everything so different to the modern cameras we use today. So I spend a lot of time playing with this camera (model) and mine (shooting) during this product photoshoot. I will actually go again for a second shoot, as I found some more Details I havn’t gotten on picture the first time 😀
How could I not be lost having such a nice old camera in my hands. 🙂

A Kodak Brownie from 1917.
For more Details go to this webpage: http://www.brownie-camera.com/85.shtml

With that do I wish you a very nice day. as I go to do some work out. Zuzanna Light exercises for lets hope not more than 20min today 🙂


OlléS-Foto from Struer


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