Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Knife Lemon ElegantWelcome to another week. As usual am I late for the Weekly Photo Challenge. What can I do, that’s me. The story behind this picture is following.

– First it’s not the picture I had in mind when reading the Weekly Photo Challenge 10 days ago. But it certainly fits well. Perhaps I’ll post my vision when I have shot the picture.

– I am in the 2nd year of a photography course with a private teacher together with other 40 students her in Denmark.

– Last weekends task was to take pictures of different surfaces. Somehow our team got stuck with the Zwilling knife as object. We tried hard to achieve the look with had agreed upon. And here it is.

– This version here got a lemon added to give an extra colour point into the photograph, hence the post for the Weekly Photo Challenge. We considered a yellow or red coloured fruit would be a perfect match to the black, grey knife and background.

– The light we used was a Studio Strobe with a honeycomb and a 1.2 x 1.2m frost filter (mounted on a wood frame). The Strobe with honeycomb gave us a spot light, the filter helped to soften the light and spread it again. Why to do it that way instead of using a Soft Box? You certainly could use a Soft Box in this case but having the filter on a frame and the Strobe separate gives you more freedom in creating the light. Make the light smaller or bigger, harsher or softer. That way you don’t need to try different sizes of Soft Boxes to get the wished result.

– To achieve the relative hard light and strong light fall off on the knife (highlights on top and shadow bottom) you need to get the light source close to the object. The filter was held just above the knife so you could not see it anymore in the picture and the strobe was touching the filter. When moving the strobe further away the light spot got bigger and softer. To place the light right, the photographer needs to look through the viewfinder and guiding the assistant until the light is placed as wished. It does not help to stand next to the camera perhaps 1m higher up and move the light until you think that it looks good. As the reflections are different from a different viewing angle. It’s a good advantage having modeling light doing the placing as you can directly see where the light is. Using Speedlights will be possible as well, but you would need to try more until you hit the right position as you can’t see upfront where and how the light is hitting the object.

– The only thing I did in post process is to make the lemon a slight bit more bright and vibrant. Oh and a touch clarity.

If you have questions don’t hesitate and ask.

OlléS-Foto Struer in Denmark

  1. This is remarkably beautiful. Wonderful photo.

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