Kibaek Cup 2013

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Photography, Sport

Kibæk Cub 2013-67

Kibæk Cup 2013

Last weekend I’ve been out to take team pictures for Billed-Expressen in Kibæk during their yearly Cup. Which is a huge event from Friday through to Sunday afternoon with different club from Jutland joining. I could see that the players and parents where sleeping in tents and campers. Cool weekend for the teenagers I would say.

check out for the link for more information

I have been out there with Billed-Expressen on saturday with another photographer and on sunday alone.

I started to work as a Freelance Photographer for Billed-Expressen in April 2012. Through this job I’ve improved my Danish language skills a lot. I am not sure if I would be talking as fluid Danish as I do now without it. 🙂 But that’s not all I learned. Going out and taking pictures for Football Clubs has it’s own challenges, especially in effectively shooting, calming down parents, checking on paper work and that all under time pressure. I learned a lot in how to handle kids, parents and trainers, looking for details in posing, expression and light especially shooting during partly cloudy days, and setting up for group pictures. I think the lesson in setting up and shooting different sized group pictures was the toughest and most rewarding. There are so many things which can go wrong when you set up a big group.

Link to Billed-Expressen

My job from Billed-Expressen on sunday has been to take team pictures (portrait and group) from teams which did not get the chance this spring. Therefore I went out and asked different teams and trainers if they where interrested in such a photo shoot. I also got some help from the speaker to announce our offer over the loudspeakers on the fields. Unfortunately did I not get the most out of it. Only around 4 Trainers seemed interested in the offer but not a single team showed up for a shoot. There are many possibilities why no one came.

– Wrong placement of our Tent and hence not visible enough

– Not visible offer as we had no posters hanging around

– Wrong day, as players, trainers and parents where looking forward to get home and to relax after 3 days of football. Not thinking of pictures.

– Wrong offer for such a turnier. Too many Mums and Dads with camera running around taking free pictures

– And of course not enough convincing sales man. Me.

Now this blog post is not about how to do Team Photo shoots. It’s about pictures I took during the Kibæk Cup 2013.

So what to do with the time I had between asking and searching for teams. I am a photographers, so I took pictures of the Cup. Enjoy the pictures I took from sunday.


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