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Friday Five,

This blog post is inspired by the podcast “Friday Five” from Mr. Tom Webster. And if you are out there reading this blog post Tom Webster, and I know you are a fan of my Blog, then please enjoy it.
I try hereby to find and list my 5 songs which have a special meaning to me. This won’t be an easy task for me. First we need to see what type of songs are we talking about. Are those songs which make me feel good, happy, sad or really bad, songs which I enjoy to listening to while working, studying or running? No there are definitely more than 5 songs I can add in those categories and the songs would have to be exchanged regularly with new ones.
I try to follow Tom Webster’s lead from his podcast and what his guests have been doing. I will search my memory, my feelings and stories to dig those songs out which have a hopeful meaningful story connected to them. If you like the story I can’t tell but they all meant something to me.

So let’s get started.
The first song which comes to my mind would be “Take on me” by A-ha,
That was my first Tape Cassette I owned with music on. MC Hammer’s “Don’t Touch this” was my first CD. I must have been around 10-11 years old when I got my first new Stereo set which a neighbor who worked at JVC organized. A nice new model with a double deck tape. Cool old thing that was. It had an anti tangle function to avoid that the tapes get all messed up. I don’t remember how well that worked anymore as I still remember sitting on my bed with cassettes and a pencil untangle the magnetic tape. The double deck was very good copying from a second tape, Vinyl or a CD. Yeah we have been evil pirates already back then copying content from other tapes to one good mixtape. I even remember copying and Eddie Murphy movie from a VHS on to a cassette tape. So I can listen to it in bed. These are the memories coming up thinking of A-ha’s “Take on me”. Never mind that I didn’t understand what they were singing back then or that they were labeled one of the first boy bands.
I might add that I was born in Basel Switzerland and my mother tongue is Swiss German. Back then I probably understood words such as, “change” which meant more ”chance” in our cool slang and a quickie was a Garfield one page cartoon  Old innocent days. Back to A-ha. Whenever I hear one of those songs I have memories of reading books. Uhh I almost forgot that I was reading books privately in that age and not only school books. Especially “Die 3 Fragezeichen”. Oh there are many stories behind those memories as well. It all started with the audio books from “Die 3 Fragezeichen” and the “Geisterschloss” many hours listening on my cool tape deck under a cover and fully absorbed by the mysteries these 3 cool young guys had to solve. And later on as already mentioned did I start to also read some of those stories. With A-ha playing in the background. Funny isn’t it. I am sure our daughter will have some kind of a digital player in the background running 1000 of different songs. Perhaps not even remembering what she was listening. I have a memory of listening to this one tape and 10-12 songs over and over while reading “Die 3 Fragezeichen”  Somethimes when I hear an A-ha song can I see what I’ve been reading. Dwell in the story again.

The next song on my list from my early teen years. “Bohemian Rhapsody” from Queen. You might know that band as well. Some English creative dudes which were quite diverse in there Rock music. What do I connect with that song. Growing up, rebelling? As you can see I have not selected a Metallica, Nirvana or similar song which would be more fitting for a rebelling youth in his early teenager years. Why Queen. I guess I was not a rebel at all. More tempered than rebel I guess. But I loved to listen to Queen and other rock bands. I guess I liked them so much as their music was very versatile and changes as I did and still do. I don’t see myself being interested in one thing. The world is open and everything is interesting. I am really having difficulties to concentrate on one thing  I get a little better with concentrating on less things now that I became a father but still… What else do I remember when thinking of Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody? Starting having feelings for the nice girls from our class. The first parties, hanging out with friends and yes starting to explore computers. Imagine that. Some friends where the lucky ones and had a computer which made them pretty popular for game evenings and weekends. And then when I turned 16 I bought my first computer and with me all the times music from Queen. Basically that’s what comes to mind when thinking of “Bohemian Rhapsody”: growing up, interest for girls, computer, parties and a lot of football.

After Queen and A-ha did I slowly start to listen to more and more different music. A big influence where my parents with their music taste. My father had a Vinyl Stereo and a love for 60-80’s rock and blues music. Such as Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton and Santana. Those all have a place in my top music. But what to choose to represent that time most. Until my father moved out when I was 16 we heard all that music a lot at home. And in the car of course.  Just thinking back of that time makes me hear a lot of those songs at the same time in my head. Mixed with visual impression from since I can remember. Driving down to Italy in our Toyota 4 Runner Pick up, Trip to France in a rent Camper, or our weekend trips over hills and mountains in the car with my father driving too fast. I never liked to drive up serpentine where the street turns a hundred times and you have a drop of 20-50m or more. And that in high speed. Better for me to concentrate on the Game-boy and don’t look out. We also loved to ask thousands of questions. I can barely wait to get into those games with my kids. Questions such as: “What car is that, where is it from, when do we arrive, what mountain do we see here?” Hi hi… What a cool time to be a kid. Now I haven’t said which song reminds me of that time most. That would be “Hey you” from Pink Floyd. It still makes me feel strangely at ease. The reason for me writing this blog post Is Tom Webster. Yeah I know you are out there reading this post and I hope you enjoy it.
It was this song which convinced me to do the exercise and actually write such a long post about my five songs.
I have been driving back from a trip to pick up a new couch and it has been a long and lonely trip. I hated to go driving all day in such a nice and sunny day in late August. I think I was driving close to 500km that day. The later the day got the more tired I got. Sitting alone in the car with a trailer in the back forcing me to keep the speed reasonable. And I needed some push. Coca cola didn’t work anymore and the fresh air from the open window was only partly helpful. So I connected the iPhone to my car stereo and started to play Pink Floyd. When “Hey You” started I suddenly go this rush of different feelings. I felt more focused and somehow brought back to my time as a late teenager. With it came feelings and memories from that time. And hence the car ride was suddenly much more enjoyable. It almost past in no time 

Thinking more of partying and going out is Offspring with “No self esteem”. I must have been 18 or so and we had the wildest parties. My friends with the beers and me with drinking water. We normally met at a friend’s place and where talking about girls, soccer, computer or gaming before going out. Then around 20 – 21:00 we were heading to the city by Tramway, Bike or Car. We had the feeling that we have to be at the club when it opened and most of the times stayed until it closed. That was how it worked for us. You wanted to get the most party for the entrance you paid. What a fun time. I didn’t care what others think of me. Wearing an Australian Outback Hat and sweating like a big while jumping, turning, crying (ehm singing) and having lots of fun with my friends. And as I was the guy who didn’t drink, I got to be the one driving every one home when going by car. The song is now somewhat played on my iPhone on very rare moments. More by happenstance than will. It seems to have passed as the time of my late teens did.

That where times before going to the university. When entering the university I tried to slow down with my crazy jumping and singing  partly. Perhaps thinking of girls and trying not to scare them anymore. That’s when I lived all by myself for the first time in my short live. I have chosen to study in Lausanne at the EPFL as Mechanical Engineer. 2 hours away from my home town, family and friends. An exciting time for a young person. Meeting lots of new people, creating new ties and see some new culture. On top of it all was in French. I loved that time due to all these qualities. Studying was hard but the time beside it was nice and cool. The song reminding of this period is Sense Unique with “Paquito”. Again there are many French songs, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop which I could have chosen but I take “Paquito” as Sense Unique is a international band coming from Lausanne Switzerland and also my friends home in Basel enjoyed the song. I actually use it as a ring tone on my phone for two friends. The song makes me feel good. Shaking around, wanting to sing and dance. A song which will always be there.

The next song on my list is selected jumping some years to the future. Closer to where I am now. It is Nephew with “Igen og Igen”. A Danish fun rock group which had some big success in 2009-10. A little bit after I started my live in Denmark. I came to Denmark to do my final project for my Bachelor degree and that’s it. Meant as an exchange for 4 months and then back home. The stay has been so far 8 years. The main reason for staying is my beautiful wife. Not that we have been thinking of trying to have a live somewhere else on the planet, somewhere with more sun and heat during the summer and snow in the winter  But we are still here. The story of how I met her and what we’ve done so far is quite a long one. Perhaps for another day.

And here is my Top 5 again:
– A-ha “Take on me”
– Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”
– Offspring “Self Esteem”
– Sense Unique “Paquito”
– Nephew “Igen og Igen”