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What a perfect timing 😉
I was just going through my emails and saw the title for this weeks photo challenge “saturated” and in front of me a full vibrant/ saturated sunrise. Not only that but I also got some interesting object in the frame.
A train station. My transportation into and interresting a vibrant day 🙂




What a coincidence.

I was just going through my catalogue of pictures seeing that picture here. Why is this picture not yet published by me? I need to share it with the world to enjoy it as much as I do. Stop keeping it to yourself 🙂


Knife Lemon ElegantWelcome to another week. As usual am I late for the Weekly Photo Challenge. What can I do, that’s me. The story behind this picture is following. (more…)


Easter is all around us. At least the catholic one. And here in Denmark do we celebrate 5 days. At least that’s how many days we have free in a row.
And what else to post to this beautifull Weekly Photo Challenge as our decorated dinning table.
A typical day in my life. At least until the holidays are over.

Happy Easter to everyone



So another Weekly Photo Challenge coming. This one has been created in my head at least two weeks ago. Only I somehow couldn’t figure out how to get my daughter to hold still while I take the picture. 🙂 (more…)

Beyond the horizon

Beyond the horizon

And another Post inspired by the weekly photo challenge.

It seems that I am picking out the themes which I like 🙂 So far am I behind by two weeks. But my goal is (more…)

Ice Shape

Ice Shape

I know I am at least two weeks late for that one 😉
My daily routines have changed so I am a little bit behind a lot of things for the moment. After I read (more…)

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Here is my second part for the “Weekly Photo Challenge”. I tried to keep it as little as possible but I felt like telling the story of 2012 in more details. Especially for all of those who know us and couldn’t share in our adventures as much as they and we would have liked.
I won’t write much more here and let the pictures talk for themselves.

Yours sincerely

OlléS and Oana

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Now here it is finally. My first Pictures for 2012.
This Blog post goes to our beautiful daugther Aviendha. She is be now a little bit older than 1.5 years and the changes she went through in the last year are amazing. (more…)