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Autumn 2013-021



Hej World Of Photographers.


2013 World Wide Photo Walk-167

I would like to add some pictures from Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk 2013.
I participated this year for the first time and I did that so in Holstebro DK. The nicest shopping street in Denmark for the last 6 years.
The experience was nice. Being together with other photographers changing experience and having the chance of using a lot of time to search for the right motive… unforgettable.
In the beginning did I not really know what I will shoot. The same as always? 1000 pictures in 2 hrs because I don’t know better? To avoid that outcome did I ask a friend who gave me one Iron Photographer. 3.
Ok not too bad. Until I had that Iron Photographer did I come up with my own. Autumn leaves. Actually “one” yellow marble leave. The main subject in most pictures and if possible including the nr 3.

Enjoy and give feedback.

OlléS-Foto from Struer Denmark


Halojsa again,

This weeks “Weekly Photo Challenge” is “Green”. (more…)

Hej everyone.

I’m back with my second blog. Your photographer from Struer Denmark.
This time with a DIY project for the whole family.
Have you ever thought of doing an Apple Juice by yourself. Now here is how it’s done.

20121012-230413.jpg (more…)