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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

I am having this blog for more than half a year and since the beginning do I get emails about the weekly photo post. A really cool idea to practice taking different pictures and to actually post some thing 🙂 But as it is with all the new things, they get forgotten because you don’t know how to use the system :/ Happens to me all the time. Today I told myself “Hej Ollé. Now you got another weekly challenge, do something. Get yourself up to post a picture of something which is fitting to Mine”. Good what is mine? a lot of things 🙂 but the newest and fanciest mine is my new iMac. And I am still thrilled that I got one. What else to get as a Photographer 🙂 ?!
I could also have posted a picture of my Canon camera. I also love that one. And don’t worry I wont jump the Nikon or Sony train yet. I just like the way how to operate a Canon camera really good.
Or perhaps a picture of my beautiful daughter? She is my big love after my great wife 🙂
There are so many things which are close to me one or the other way.
With that will I close the post and work on getting posting to be a habit of mine.
C u for another weekly photo post.